Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling

Alpine Plumbing Inc. provides plumbing services and design for all  kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling projects. Our plumbing design and remodeling service team will make sure your home reflects your unique style and vision. You can trust the plumbing design team at Alpine Plumbing as we have over 40 years experience. Not only are our kitchen & bath designs beautiful, we use innovative waste and water-saving designs that are friendly for both your budget and the environment.


14580 West Greenfield Avenue
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005
Fax: (262) 797-4125

Dale Zahn, (262) 797-4130, ext. 119

Jeff Colla, (262) 797-4130, ext. 115

Chris Holle, (262) 797-4120, ext. 117

Rob Wage, (262) 797-4120, ext. 134

Mike Petersen,(262) 797-4130, ext. 125

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